​​​Residential outpatient meth treatment for Illinois residents

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​Outpatient Rehabilitation patients attend daytime treatment on campus but are free to stay or leave as they would like. They do not live at the facility, so this plan of treatment is typically suited for individuals who have moved well through either PHP or inpatient treatment and would do well in an independent setting. The majority of residential outpatient clients being treated will have gone through the detoxification and rehab processes prior to outpatient treatment. Therapy in an outpatient plan could also be helpful for those suffering from milder addictions, or ones that have occurred more recently.

​Outpatient care​ includes:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc.)
  • Nutritional counseling

​Outpatient treatment offers a sense of autonomy to patients, which assists in the move back to regular life and its responsibilities. Often, families of those suffering from addiction also need some help in coping or processing the changes in those they care for. To meet this need, family counseling is typically involved in treating methamphetamine addiction. In the case of a client that does not have proper living spaces to return to at the close of treatment, a safe option would be a sober house to live in. ​The ​​Illinois Meth Recovery prides itself on offering an ongoing care network and lifetime connections.

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